The Fate of Atlantic City and Online Bingo

In Atlantic City things are not going well. Recently the Atlantic Club casino closed, the upscale Revel has been sold to Hard Rock and most casino mortgages are currently under water. Even worse, experts say that revenues from online gambling will not come close to Governor Christie’s predictions. Some gaming experts and economists say that […]

A Short History of British Bingo

Today bingo is considered an integral part of British culture. During the postwar years the game was popularized in the holiday camps that were located around the country. In seaside resorts like Brighton bingo halls were packed in the evenings. During the 50’s and 60’s bingo halls sprouted up like mushrooms in the UK. The […]

Regulation, Not Prohibition, Protects Consumers

Online gambling is here to stay and there is no turning back. Although online gambling’s legal status is vague in the United States Americans spend about $3 billion annually gambling on the internet. All of this money was spent in an unregulated somewhat dangerous market. In Europe, which has a regulated and mature online gambling […]

Bingo Parties and the Celebrities That Attend Them

Most people love parties and the holiday season is almost here. Office parties are common at this time of year as are private parties. Many people think that bingo parties are for children but these same people would be surprised to know some of the celebrities that say they love bingo parties. Organizing a bingo […]

A Guide to 75 Ball Bingo

In the United States and Canada 75 ball bingo is the game of choice. 75 ball bingo is a direct descendant of an old carnival game known as ‘beano.’ In the UK and its former colonies 90 ball bingo is the most popular game and scholars say it has its origins in an Italian holiday […]

Online Bingo and Job Creation

The online gambling industry has created thousands of well-paying jobs and is still growing and creating more jobs. In licensing jurisdictions like Gibraltar, Malta, the Isle of Man and other jurisdictions online gambling firms employ thousands. The online bingo sector is responsible for creating many of the jobs. When the UK levied high taxes on […]

Who Regulates Bingo Sites ?

Many new players ask if it’s safe to play online bingo. In the not so distant past people could only play bingo in land based bingo halls. In most countries the bingo halls were well regulated and if a dispute arose players had instant face to face communication with hall management. Today things are different […]

The Decline In New Bingo Site Launches

Some experts are asking if there is a decline in the online bingo industry. New bingo business activity is down for the first time in years. In fact the number of new online bingo sites being launched has fallen to its lowest level in two years. Last year some industry observers said that the UK […]

Why Are People Switching to Online Bingo ?

In the UK bingo halls are closing at a steady rate. Attempts to draw in new players have been largely unsuccessful. Last year Rank Group, the operators of Mecca bingo, announced their ‘full house’ plan to remodel several of the company’s bingo halls to attract younger, more affluent players. Recently the gaming giant abandoned the […]

How To Identify House Players

Over the years some players have complained that some players at online bingo sites are just too lucky. They say certain players win suspiciously often and wonder if the site is using house players. House players are common at land based casinos. In Montana house players must identify themselves at poker tables. Some online bingo […]